Moab Day 2

Day 2 was the day that we were driving back.  But we made 2 stops before we head back to Salt Lake City.  Thanks to a local’s suggestion.

After the first day in Moab, we were pretty tired and chilled at a sushi bar with some sake. A Moab local next to us saw we were having good time while he was having a bottle of wine with his friend. He randomly started a conversation with us. It was one of best thing ever. He suggested some non-tourism spots to check it out. One of the spots is Fisher Tower. He explained it has a killer view when you are driving up there.

No kidding! Red mountain cliffs standing tall along the Colorado River. Passed by beautiful ranch resorts and we did stop at one of the resorts. Best decision ever! All the food recommendations are in the end of the blog!


Ahh…the nature gives me orgasm! (That’s what you get for making stupid face at me)
Looks just like a painting!

Yes yes… just stand there and look epic…EPIC… and you had to do the face!



Spot the lizard in the picture

My buddy is always there to help me!


High quality food at Sorrel River Ranch
I took this picture from my phone. The view from the porch seating.

Since we were driving back and we didn’t want to be exhaust the driver (my turn to drive), we didn’t hike all the way.

Place to eat:

Eklecticafe: the cafe is filled with local jewelries. Breakfast & lunch only. If you speaks spanish, the owner will love you more. ❤

Love Muffin Cafe: If you still want your Californian hipster food. I highly recommend the kimchi breakfast burrito.

Sorrel River Ranch Hotel & Spa Resort: High quality food with gorgeous view! The seafood are flew in and sushi graded so it does taste very fresh. They claimed they use Kobe beef. There are only 8 Kobe beef certified restaurants in USA. Are you sure it is Kobe beef?

Moab day 1 click here!

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