50’s Prom & Edwardian Inspired Photoshoot

This is the first time I worked with Cora Stone and she is one of youngest model I ever worked with. And yes, her sweet mother was with us and helped us through the whole photoshoot. If you didn’t know, any minor needs to sign a contract or have their guardian with them.

For this photoshoot, I picked out a 1950’s prom dress and a 1910’s rustic silk dress for Cora. I am not sure if Cora or her mom did her makeup but it was exactly what I am looking for, light & fresh with a touch of rosie color.  For the hair, it was an inspiration from the Pinterest.

Inspiration hairstyle

I usually like to do model’s hair because I can have the control over how I want it to look and it is a great chance to get to know your model. 😀

we did the photoshoot inside of Utah Capitol Building because all other alike-buildings are closed on Sunday. Welcome to Utah lifestyle! 😉

By the way, I am not very good with indoor photoshoot because the low natural lighting and I am using a beginner $400 camera.





And here is the Edwardian style photoshoot!



You have to have some fun while doing the photoshoot, right? Since there is a statue of Brigham Young inside of the capitol building, Cora pretended to be one of many wives of Brigham Young. lol Historically, it will be inaccurate because the dress is from 1910’s and Brigham Young was from mid-1800s. It was all for laughs & giggles.





edwardian silk-2

1910’s Edwardian Rustic Silk Dress


1950’s Heavenly Blue Ruffle Prom Dress

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