Jen-nay Luo here! I was literally made in China and grew up with my grandma till I was 10. Afterwards, I flew to the United States to reunite with my parents. While I was living with my parents, they love to hunt antique treasure on their spare times. Eventually, they would drag me to go to yard/estate sales 6 am in the morning and I hated it! Hey, no kids should get up 6 am in the morning and on the weekend too! But somehow it rubbed off on me.

Art & creativity run through my family and I learned to embrace it. Therefore, I picked up a camera as my art equipment. I enjoy capturing beautiful little moments, scrumptious food, and the charming little shops. In the process, I love to meet new people and learn about their stories.

Currently, I am nested in Utah with my husband and our two silly kitties, Kitty el Gato & Chocotaco.

Brown Cat, “Bruh! You are in my tanning spot.”