Spring Flower Photoshoot with Becca

Ahh….Spring! The flowers are blooming but they are gone pretty fast! So I grabbed one of my favorite person, Becca. If you followed me for a while, you probably saw a couple of her photos in the past. Yes, I love to dress up her and photograph her. She is just a bag of fun! And of course, she lives pretty close to me. 😀

For the photoshoot, we drove around the neighborhood and found 4 different color flowers.

I am not sure if this is weird or not but I like to take pictures of people in motion. The little things like brushing the hair to the side, while walking around, or just do a little movement. Who knows. Maybe other photographers like to do it too. 😛

Enjoy the photos and the pretty vintage dresses!






1940’s victory roll


Modeling is not always graceful! LOL Branch in the face! Now walk it off.




1960’s Garden Green Floral Cocktail Dress


1970’s Alfred Shaheen Mandala Kaftan Dress

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I am a vintage clothing dealer that also enjoys capturing beautiful moments with my camera as well as exploring charming shops & restaurants. For more, https://luoluv.blog/about/

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