I confess! I cannot model for the life of me! When people tried to take a photo of me, I would freeze up and I will not know what to do. However, I can be a poser when there is no one around but my trusty tripod and the camera.


How do I take self-portraits? Since I have Sony, Sony’s phone remote control is terrible! I can’t hide my phone within 2 seconds and the focus is a crap shoot! The most frustrated phone remote control ever! Basically, I use 10 seconds timer with a higher aperture. My aperture is usually at f3.5 or f4.

Here is a great tutorial on how to take self-portrait: Self-Portrait Tutorial

Me & bed






As a photographer, I can never be 100% satisfied with my photos because I always think, “I can do it better than this.”


1950’s Joe Davidson Black Velvet Top

1950’s Aluminum Cat Eye Glasses

1950’s Red & Indigo Floral Summer Day Dress

1940’s Nan Parker Navy Blue Crepe Dress

1950’s Baby Blue Wool Sweater Cardigan

1940’s Midnight Black Art Deco Dress

1970’s Crochet Pink Rose Crop Top

1930’s Lace Butterfly Navy Blue Rayon Poet Sleeves Gown



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I am a vintage clothing dealer that also enjoys capturing beautiful moments with my camera as well as exploring charming shops & restaurants. For more,

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