Vintage Babes Photoshoot

We were planning to go to Squaw peak for a photoshoot but it rained on that day and riding in Morgan’s open-roof Jeep was not a wise idea. In the end, we jumped into Miranda Bell‘s car and went to Temple Quarry trail for a quick photoshoot. One of our models, Cathryn, taught us that Temple Quarry trail is where Mormon used all the granite here to build the temples. In another hand, I know this spot as a popular spot for water Pokemon hunting! There are three towers together and you might catch a rare pokemon at this spot.

For this photoshoot, there was 2 photographers,  Miranda & I, and 2 models, Morgan & Cathryn. I dressed Morgan more like That’ 70s Show style and Cathryn is simple 70s cute outfit.














1970s Rainbow Cardigan

1970s Mickey Mouse Tshirt

1950s Bandana Pattern High Waist Shorts

1980s Embroidery Purple Flower Black Dress

Vintage jacket – Morgan’s dad’s jacket. He found it in a parking lot when he was teenager. The jacket’s previous owner had the same name as her’s dad’s name.

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