Photographer Meetup Photoshoot

I randomly found this photographer meet-up on Reddit. I decided to check it out. Why not. Maybe make some new friends? Oh yes, I did make some new friends and it was pretty awkward for me too. Why was it awkward? You can totally tell there are some clicks of people.

The style is a bit on the contrast side. I want to bring out of the dark lines and make everything pop. The trick to make the photo moody is have a darker background.

I didn’t take a lot of photos because I had head home early for dinner. Hey, no one wants to shoot with an empty stomach.

And here are some pictures.










Model’s Instagram:, @zjobee, @natalie_ford98, @izzyford15, @chazlynn24

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I am a vintage clothing dealer that also enjoys capturing beautiful moments with my camera as well as exploring charming shops & restaurants. For more,

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