Photography Diploma from Youtube

Only if Youtube offers education diploma. It is 21st century, internet has vast free educational videos and it is endless information. And Youtube always keep me updated with new photography skill almost each week.

Here are some of my favorite photography Youtube channels:


Marc Levoy

Stanford professor uploaded his digital photography courses on Youtube. There are 18 lectures and he was taught Google digital photography back in Spring 2016 for 4 months. I posting his video first because his lectures are your photography foundation.

Be warned, his lectures are pretty long. Each lecture is 1 hour and 15 minutes and I couldn’t sit through it all! xD

Here is the video lecture playlist: Link

Here is his lecture’s page: Link


Jessica Kobeissi

She graduated with graphic design degree and took one photography class but she not into at the time. 2 years after she graduated, she got into photography. Jessica mostly does fashion photography. Through her videos, she would explain some of her photoshoots, how to be a photography, how much should you charge for photography, and etc. Most of all, Her videos are pretty entertaining because she has a quirky sense of humor so you will not be bored.

Here are some of recommended Jessica Kobeissi’s videos:

10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Photographer & Which Camera To Buy

Her FREE photography contract sample

Watch her how she photoshoots: Courtney Paige Nelson – Natural Light Photoshoot

Compare lenses


Andrew Kearns

He inspires me! He vblogged his travelings and how he does photoshoots. Andrew never went to school for photography.  He picked up a camera later in high school. One day, he was hired by a graph design company and learnt a lot about photography. Years later, he quit his job and traveled to do photography.

Andrew’s Youtube made me want to go out and explore. Also his video taught me how to use Adobe Lightroom’s tone curve and split toning.

Here are some of recommended Andrew Kearns’ videos: (be warned about his corny jokes and making fun of his poor assistant)

How he shoot photos

How he edit photos

Favorite Engagement Shoot

Photography composition 

Oh yeah! Here is his website: Link

Processed with VSCOcam with e4 preset

Mango Street

One of my all time favorite Youtube channel. VERY informational! If you submit your photo to them, your photo might show up on their video and they will give you some tips. Since they only have 20 videos, I highly recommend you to watch it all. 🙂


Kai W

All your camera gear review channel. Well, He used to work with Digital Rev and review camera gears. Now he broke off with Digital Rev in Nov 2016 and started his own channel. His videos are pretty entertaining to watch because he definitely has an Asian “insulting or asshole” humor.

And here is his old reviews from Digital Rev: Link


Jessica Whitaker

Oh Jessica…Jessica….I do enjoy some of her photography tips but she did something pretty low and made people dislike her. She stole Jessica Kobeissi’s photography contract sample, edited it to be her own, and then selling it for $150 each. Oh well, everyone makes mistake and I hope she learnt her lesson.

Also, if you are not a christian, be warned about her love for Jesus.

Here are some of recommended Jessica Whitaker’s videos: I like her editing videos more than her other videos

Editing video 1: HOW I EDIT MY FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY | easy, basic lightroom portrait tutorial

Editing video 2: HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH GUYS | 50mm natural light working with male model photography with SEAN SWANSON


Peter McKinnon

This Canadian photography teaches both photography and cinematography. His photography style is not really my style but I do like his nifty tricks and he will keep you inspired!


Dakai Reyes

His channel has a few videos but all his videos are pretty well done. His photography and Lightroom editing tips are super helpful.


Diane Villadsen

Another self-taught photographer. Since Diane does a lot of fashion photoshoot, she loves to play with colors in Lightroom.


Sheldon Evans

New rising photography Youtuber. Not my photography style but he always cool photography tricks under his sleeves and great advice on wedding photography lenses.


I didn’t learn everything from Youtube. My awesome mentor, Phirun Sam, taught me some great photography foundation. Also Facebook photography groups and Reddit gave nifty tips and keep me inspired.

That’s all my favorite photography Youtube channels! Comment below about your favorite photography Youtuber. 😀

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