Alice in Winterland

Get it?!?! Alice in Winterland instead of Wonderland. lol…

Natasha and I are peas & carrots when it comes to adventure. We got up super early for Silver Lake adventure. Since it was snowing, the sun did not peek out till 8:21 am. I dressed Natasha in 1970’s Bonders coat, vintage wool sweater & 1990s Eddie Bauer hat. Me, I was wearing a vintage sweater and 1920’s metallic silk velvet coat (personal collection).

This year’s weather is a lot cooler in Utah. The temperature dropped from 90s Fahrenheit to 40s Fahrenheit in a blink of an eye. I remember last year’s November was in 70s Fahrenheit. 2017’s weather is a lot different than last years. The winter is here before the Fall could start.

Well, enjoy the photos of the snowy Fall scenery.











That’s all, folk! *trying to be gangster in the middle of forest*



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