70’s & 80’s Babe Photoshoot

YAY! It is Becca again! Well, I have couple excuses to do more photoshoot with her.  First, Becca is leaving Utah soon. Second, during our last photoshoot, I noticed a cute mellow yellow Mustang was parked on her driveway. It was a 1970’s Mustang that belonged to her boyfriend’s mom. And last excuse, Becca is Miss Confident. In other word, she is not afraid to wear some Miss-Sexy-of-the-Past’s wardrobe.

Becca 80sjump

For the photoshoot, we took the little Mustang and drove around Sugarhouse’s neighborhood. We randomly pulled over any cool spots that we see.


Fixed License.jpg

Becca 80sjump-9


Becca leather&lace-2

Becca leather&lace-27

Becca leather&lace-36

Becca leather&lace-28

Becca leather&lace-45




1970s Suede Leather Patch 2-Piece Outfit


Handmade Antique Lace Halter Top


1980s Calvin Klein Whitewashed Denim Jumpsuit


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I am a vintage clothing dealer that also enjoys capturing beautiful moments with my camera as well as exploring charming shops & restaurants. For more, https://luoluv.blog/about/

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