The New Beginning…

Welcome to the new beginning of Luoluv. Since it is spring time, it gave me a perfect excuse to start a lovely website. Let’s see this as a spring cleaning. The beginning of a fresh and clean space to be more inspired.

Let’s be honest here. I am not much a writer. This website will be a picture book to tell the stories of enchanting vintages, people and little adventures. Yes, this website is not just a vintage but a combination of what am I passion about, food, photography, and travel.

Well, let the new chapter begin…

Maybe my writing skill will improve…

PS: Thank you Novel Petals Design for designing my logo! I love the rustic cursive type writer’s font!



Handmade Edwardian Style crochet lace bralette with pink ribbons

On Mannequin

1940s soft pink silk bed jacket with lace trim


1910s white petticoat ruffle skirt (NFS)

NewBeginning III-2
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I am a vintage clothing dealer that also enjoys capturing beautiful moments with my camera as well as exploring charming shops & restaurants. For more,

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