My Cat Roommates

I was sick for 2 weeks and bored out of my mind! During those days, I was too weak to get out of the house. Basically, I was stuck at home and take random photo of my cats. Both were adopted from Humane Society.

Tabby Siamese is Chocotaco.

Tabby brown cat is Kitty el Gato.

Beware the thoughts of my asshole cats!

I am more majestic than lion king, bish!
Hey girl, can I have your phone number?
DIBS! My bed now!
Oh buddy! Touch me more!
I like the warmth of the sun because I am a cold-blooded Mutherfucker!
Dude, I know what you are doing!
Damn that human always point at me with that weird clicking machine!
Rub my budda belly

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